Every week here at Calvary Baptist Church an army of people take to the streets of our community to win people to Christ. On a weekly basis people while standing in their doorways and the sidewalks near their homes pray with our trained workers as they receive the Lord as their Savior. Many of these new converts show up at our services to make a public profession of their faith in Christ. We encourage our members to be pro-active in their love for souls. From the pulpit to the pew, we want all of our church to have a passion for the lost of our community. We offer a Thursday night church-wide soul winning time at 6pm as well as Saturday morning meeting at 9:30 am for all our bus workers and Sunday school teachers as times dedicated to take the gospel to our Jerusalem and win men, women, boys, and girls for Jesus. For more information on how you can be involved in this ministry, contact Brother Tim Pledger at (904)240-8940 or email the church office at