Nearly 10 years ago a few of the men in the church were burdened to reach the homeless of our area with the gospel of Jesus. This work first began as these few men would venture into labor pools, public parks, and city sidewalks in the early morninghours and witness to those forgotten, as they passed out some healthy breakfast food. Eventually, one of our church buses began to circulate the streets of downtown Jacksonville every Sunday morning picking up some of these hurting souls from the public squares and shelters to bring them nearly 45 minutes away to our church for Sunday morning breakfast and an hour of Bible teaching. The men and ladies were welcomed into our services and have continued to be a vital part of Calvary Baptist Church. Each week, the diligent ladies of our church make a meal for 20-30 of these precious people before the bus carries them back to their homes, often on the streets. Over the years we have seen many of the men and women from this ministry come to Christ, and several get back on their feet and make something out of their once broken lives.

For more information on how that you can help this work, or if you need to find out how that we can help you, call Bro. Josh Eckel at 785-223-7277 or email the church office at churchoffice@calvarycares.net.