Building Young People to be the Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

The purpose of CCA is to provide the children of our church and community with a safe and controlled environment in which we can encourage them to find out what God has planned for their lives and educate them to a level from which they can take the next step in following His plan.

Our desire is to train the students in the knowledge of God, the Christian way of life and to give them an excellent education.

Our commitment is to demonstrate a caring concern for each student’s well-being in these 4 areas:  Mentally (wisdom), Physically (stature), Spiritually (favor with God), and Socially (favor with others) this is based on the Bible verse Luke 2:52 in reference to Jesus Christ.


At CCA, we have chosen the ABeka Book curriculum for our K5- 11th grade classes with confidence; each subject’s content comes from the work of skilled, dedicated scholars who have conducted primary research. See your students achieve the academic excellence and moral character that leave them equipped for life, just like over one million children developing into lifelong learners with ABeka every year.


CCA also uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum for grades ten through twelve. A.C.E. is a Biblically based educational program geared to meet the learning needs of individual children.  This unique program consists of mastery-based curriculum and materials that are self-instructional, character building and individually prescribed.  Whether the student is a high achiever, a moderately paced learner, or a slow learner, the A.C.E. educational process begins at the exact level determined by the child’s ability. This is individualization, making it possible for each student to master the subject matter before moving on.



Annual Tuition (not including Book fee) per child: $2,150.00

Once a year Book Fee per child: $240.00

Non-refundable Registration fee per child: $80.00

We accept the McKay, Step Up for Students (FTC) & AAA scholarships


For more information or to schedule an interview/tour- please call 904-282-2068 or email us at